Re: After update to 7.38.07 only the first channel gets EPG data

sent you PM with the logs etc.

in the forum I found the thread <Ministra(Stalker) Provider EPG overwrites the User XmlTV links#1>

it seems this could be the same problem here as the station name in the log is different from the m3u tvg-id and I would like to test that.

How can I make sure that only the epg link in the config for a provider is used and epg from m3u or main guide etc. are ignored ?

(I use a modified m3u via with a designated epg link for this particular m3u)

I also wonder why on update epg in the box 'After that' it shows three times the same Guide to update and actually downloads the epg three times as well.

When I assign the epgs manually for each station they will (mostly) show up (but only after a restart) - but with several hundred stations that is not really an option ;-)