Re: Astrometa DVB-T2 - video glitches

Hi Prog - thanks for an answer.

I just rephrased what user: racerua wrote earlier in this post.
"Due to hardware limitation, accessing RF status(power or quality) may interrupt streaming through USB. As for no issues with TVR - it reads RF status only during tuning or poor stream reception."

TVR seems stupid and it seems to me that it just takes picture and sound from USB tuner.
racerua also (probably) proved that with Tvheadend where he disabled that check picture improved.
Program like ProgDVB is advanced and smart and collects all the data and stats and signal strength so it seems like he might be right here.

In addition I can mention that this Astrometa is built in this device I bought: ... hevc-rebel
I read here that this chip is quite old however In Poland there are lots brand new devices like that and people buy it (in couple months we will switch to only DVB-T2 standard so I guess this device might even grow in popularity)