TBS 6590 CI Dual tuner Multistandard

Thank you in advance for the continuous development of SW.
progDVB is the only one that has met all my requirements for functionality. By that I mean (DVB - T2, DVB-S2 and especially DVB-S2x multistream reception ...)

Unfortunately, there is a big stability issue in both x86 and x64.

- ProgDVB version and language file
Language: Czech
Version: tested 7.42.9,7.42.8,7.42.7, 32 bit and 64bit as well (Both tested only in 64 bit OS )
(ProgDVB + ProgTV Professional for x32 or x64 Windows)
My:OS MS Windows 10 Pro 64bit,21H1

- DVB card type, hardware revision, driver version
TBS 6590 CI Dual tuner Multistandard,HW revision ?, Drivers tbs6590-windows-driver_v1.0.1.4

- OS version and language
MS Windows 10 Pro 64bit,21H1, Czech Language

- if used, codec, graph, renderer
h.264/AVC LAV Videodecoder (many versions including Last one),Microsoft DTV-DTD Video decoder
H265/HEVC LAV Videodecoder (many versions including Last one),

VMR7 (Only sound apears)
VMR9 Custom
EVR Custom

- all kind of error messages, including cause, if mentioned
No specific messages just references to your web sites.

- did a cold reboot help (not just some sleep / standby mode)

plus, if any possible:
- how does another software (/version) behave, including the original one that came with the card ?

DVBviewer works without problem

- did you (let) use any other DVB TV or data application before, but after last boot?

If ProgDVB crashes, we also have to know, if it can still be closed normally instead of using the error message box.
Yes -closed normaly for x64 version
No - need to use ctrl+alt+delete x32

No plugins used


for both (x64 +x86):
-many crashes during switching chanels, extremly long time respond for most of action
-(Start of sw , start to search trasponders, switch/enable Tuner type, closing app etc )
All apears when is enabled tuners of TBS 6590...

for (x64 ): CAM does not work - message waiting for inserting card (for x32 works without problem)

for (x32 ): crashed during closing aplication

if there will be any way for solving issues above I can help with other info....