Re: setting of recording path

So, how to record on an USB.... By searching in the forum I found this (viewtopic.php?f=13&t=10468):

1. Find out the name of the package corresponding to the ProgTV app i think it's com.progdvb.progtva
2. Create a folder called 'Android/data/com.progdvb.progtva on root directory of your USB drive For example, Kodi data directory is /Android/data/
3. When you are going to record a new show, select this new folder for recording. If I'm not wrong, the app will have write permission and you're done.


Or what is the solution?
If I should follow the above then how do I do step 3, select this folder?

Regards, Pedro

Re: setting of recording path


So this means although I just paid for the ability to record with progtv I am limited to my small internal memory which basically makes this function not very usable?

I understand thats an android thing and not the programs fault but still a warning for that would have been appreciated.



Re: setting of recording path

Hi Prog,

above you gave me 3 options. Thanks.

Option 1 is not really do-able and option 3 might take a while I understand :-)...

If I zoom in on solution 2; root the device. What would be the next steps once I rooted the device? What do I do after I rooted the device (shield TV in my case)?

Regards, Pedro?