Testing m3u streams


Is there a function where you can set progDVB into test mode to go through all the streams in a m3u file and test them for activity, resolutions etc.

With so many IPTV services which you can test their service, it would be very handy if you can import a m3u file and test the stream and compare.
Something that might output some like
ABCD 1920x1080 25fps 128khz ACC
BCDE 576x480 30fps 64mhz mp3

etc or is this something that could be added as a future feature.
Have it output to a file then you can set it and leave it to run for 1000 streams.

Or does anyone know of an application which would do this automatically.

Re: Testing m3u streams

It is very not strict test. Channel can working from other region or after one hour. Need test every day and this is not fast.
I have some experience and I am ready to make such a tool for money. But of course this function is not needed in ProgTV/ProgDVB