ProgTV ExoPlayer multiple audio tracks switching support


Could you please check and possibly fix ExoPlayer multiple audio tracks support in ProgTV for Android?
The problem description:
- mpeg-ts transport stream with multiple audio tracks (for example: ac3 5.1 + mp2 stereo, ac3 + ac3 in different language)
- ProgTV is configured to use ExoPlayer as default playback engine for all channels content, including ac3 audio
- during playback
- for some audio tracks combinations (ac3 + ac3 in different language), when opening channel options 'Audio streams' there is the list of available audio streams, but selecting particular audio stream doesn't switch audio playback to that stream
- for other audio tracks combinations (ac3 + mp2 stereo) the player stays in "buffering" state without starting playback. After switching channel playback engine option from ExoPlayer to external player (MX player) the channel playback properly starts with external player.

Many thanks in advance
Great application