New channel layout


The new layout no longer indents the channels within the current group - makes it hard to see. Can you add the indentation back please? (or make it an option at least)

Also, if I have sorted the channel list by name, and then I update the list from TV Sources, then if there is a new group it will always appear at the bottom of the channel list. Can you make it auto-sort the updated list to the same sort order it already had applied please?


Re: New channel layout

Prog wrote:
Fri Aug 26, 2022 10:42 am
2. No. That lost all user changes of list.
Surely a developer of your great skills you could save the most recent sort order for each channel list/tv source, and when an update to that list is made then reapply automatically the sort? What do you think?

Re: New channel layout

Its a treeview, and all treeviews indent when a node is opened. Why would you change that? Showing groups and channels in the same line is hard to see, the standard is that when a branch of a treewview is opened then the leaves are indented. Everything in Windows does that and so did ProgDVB until this latest version,. Why change it? Look this is the same with windows explorer - indented

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Re: New channel layout

Perhaps more regard the channel list as an accordion view rather than tree view.
Actually the group title "+" icon kind of indicates a tree so perhaps just showing a "down arrow" might be more suitable for the new view.

Moreover usually in accordion view the current view auto-collapses if another section is opened.
So while I agree that the new view is saving screen space (which I usually like) it's harder to find the group titles if multiple lists are in "expanded" state. So somehow the groups should be highlightes (e.g. by a colored background bar) or even by auto-collapsing non-active groups. At the moment it's very very hard to scroll through a large list finding the titles/groups if multiple groups are expanded.

So I generally like the idea to use collapsable lists but in current implementation it's not ideal from usability point of view.