Feedback on ProgDVB 7.46.05 new "click to show channel info" feature

I noticed that in ProgDVB 7.46.05 it is showing the channel info OSD (hotkey "i") when clicking the main video window.
Generally this could be potentially a nice feature. Specifically when running ProgDVB in fullscreen (to toggle channel info overlay quickly).

However as you also mentioned ProgDVB is optimized for mouse/keyboard operation. I am usually running it in borderless windowed mode on my desktop. Sometimes the window is partially covered by other windows and if I see something interesting I tend to quickly click on the video window to bring ProgDVB to foreground.
The issue now is that on this click ProgDBV also turns on the channel info overlay and either I need to click again or press "i" to get rid of it.

I think it's generally unexpected for a video player to execute actions when clicking on the video window (some players pause/play on click though).
Proposal: If the ProgDVB window is the active window then a click on the video might open the channel info OSD. But if I click on ProgDVB while ProgDVB was not the active application the user intention is expected to bring the video window to foreground and it should not execute any action (like showing OSD).

This is however just a proposal for enhancement of usability.

Another small issue I noticed: When ProgDVB detects an update it is showing the update dialog. As long as the dialog is shown the video window remains pitch black (while audio is playing in background). As soon as the update dialog is closed the video is shown. I suspect some initialization being blocked by the dialog during startup process. I believe earlier versions did actually play video while the dialog is shown.
Not an actual real problem though. Just noticed this as I was launching ProgDVB and the video window remained black. Thought about something broken until I found it's showing the update dialog.

Re: Feedback on ProgDVB 7.46.05 new "click to show channel info" feature

Prog wrote:
Sun Aug 28, 2022 6:08 pm
1. I am only copy mouse logic from ProgTV. Lets see in future...
Yes, and ProgTV and ProgDVB serve different use-cases here. ProgTV usually does not deal with windowed display and clicking the window to get it to foreground etc. So it might be wise to allow disabling any action on just clicking the video window of ProgDVB.
Well, just saying it's annoying to me and the way I am using ProgDVB. Not sure though if I am the only one or others also typically click the video window to bring it to foreground.

Prog wrote:
Sun Aug 28, 2022 6:08 pm
2. "When ProgDVB detects an update it is showing the update dialog" win32 total not support transparent windows. OSD transparency required a lot of bad code that would not work very well. It can only be good in ProgTV (use modern API)
Hmm, I am not asking the update Dialog to be transparent. When ProgDVB starts (not ProgTV) I am typically starting it in windowed mode. So the main window with all controls appear on my desk (channel list on the left, menu bar on top, video window in the middle). When the small "update available" dialog is popping up then I get just a black video rectangle shown in the main window. Audio however is playing the active channel. Just video is not shown. When pressing the "skip" button on the upgrade notification dialog the video immediately starts to be visible too.
I thought in earlier versions the main screen was opening as usual (including showing video) and the update notification dialog was just opened on top. The dialog is modal (so I cannot interact with the main window while it's open) but still the video was shown on the main window behind.
So I found it strange that ProgDVB seems to show the dialog but playing audio of the tuned channel in the background but not the video. So either it should "pause" ProgDVB entirely or the dialog should not stop displaying the currently tuned channel (audio + video).