Eutelsat Demo
not work in progdvb elecard ..

on hotbird

VIDEOBergamo not work in progdvb elecard edition


:roll: :roll: :roll:

and Gali Kurdistan TV on hotbird

Progdvb 4.80.4 Freeware Version

as in 4.80.3 ... in Softmode internal support of CI+CAM (Skystar 1) not work...only with the CI Module from sparc...

Girder and ProgDVB

In ver. 3.80.4 standard edition keyboard commands sent from Girder v4.0 are not working... (worked in ealier ProgDvb versions).

I have a flydvb trio and a monoblock which works with progdvb 4.80.4 since 4.62.6. but just hotbird 0130 works, on astra 0192 it doesnt find the channels.

with progdvb 4.62.6 both satelites were found correctly. I would be happy with that version, if I have not always to do a short channel scan when starting progdvb to prevent progdvb to crash.

Progdvb 4.80.5 Freeware Version

as in 4.80.3 and 4.80.4... in Softmode internal support of CI+CAM (Skystar 1) not work...only with the CI Module from sparc...

v. 4.80.5 again doesn't support Griders keyboard events - problem occures from v 4.80.4 onwards.

Cyberlink PDVD7 and progdvb

there is a bug with cyberlink PDVD7 codec when used with progdvb,(only tested with 480 and + versions)
native filter graph or custom mades.
progdvb doesnt rezise properly with letterbox options 16/10 and 16/9
1) with any renderer its too small for screens
2) with progdvb renderer its too big
resize is ok with any other codec.

ProgDVB 4.80.5[1.18] Standard Edition / Intel

Hi all ,

the latest version of ProgDVB seems to have a bug in the recording module. It is not possible to correctly terminate recording. The program continues to record into a new file. Is this a real bug or did I miss to change something in the settings? I did not see this behaviour with older versions.

Best regards,

Latest version of ProgDVB 4.81.1.
When trying to select a device, ProgDVB hangs and can only be closed.
All other menu items working fine, only when selecting Device List it hangs and no response anymore.


ProgDVB freezes after changing channels rapidly using NEXUS in Hardware Mode and software mode.

If I rapidly change channels, or channel surf, the video and sound freeze.

I can still change channels, but after changing to a new channel, video and sound will work for a few seconds and then freeze again.

I have disabled all OSB, but to no avail.

Running ProgDVB 4.8.1

In Canada, using NTSC signal.

Bug with locked workstation

ProgDVB 4.80.5 doesn't record anything when the workstation is locked (Win+L).
Recording results in 0 byte files.

Also, when viewing a channel, then locking the workstation and unlocking it again, the channel picture of ProgDVB is frozen, no matter which state ProgDVB was in before (window, tray, full screen, tv mode). You have to switch to the current channel again to get ProgDVB working again.

EDIT: also in 4.81.1
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