TReneR wrote:PIP please !!
Yes PIP! And I have to add to request a developing to schedule recording for example weekly or daily and in TS with all pids or choosing them :( every software has this feature only ProgDVB doesn't :oops:

TReneR wrote:Direct keyboard shortcut to the EPG in OSD mode (now I have to go trough the Options OSD menu; "o" "3")
and Direct keyboard shortcut not all work in progdvb elecard and standard 4.80 to 4.80.2
when Direct keyboard shortcut " T " the progdvb not go to the channel ex.

Smeagol wrote:an option to record in divx&co please
I don't this is a good think, It is better recording in mpeg2 as the trasmission is and then compress in anything you want.

Anyway i don't undestand why this is hard to program scheduling in TS, every free software now released supports this and other good things. I'm still with ProgDVB only because allows recording without rendering so the cpu usage is low

Add support for the new "Enhanced Video Renderer" which supersedes all video mixing renderers under Vista. With the old renderers the image is blocky while Aero is activated. Seems like the old renderers doesn't perform any (bilinear) filtering anymore.


please add Global Language Selection like DVBDream
if i select in this option all channel audio will automatically change by default
you know what i mean

and please Enhance Schedule Program guide like DVBDream

thanx and regards,

Let me start by saying the Progdvb program is great. It keeps getting better.

Here are some features that I would like to see in Progdvb.

1.Progdvb to be able to fast forward "X" amount and fast rewind "X" amount (from the remote control) in the playback of recorded PVA/Mpeg files, and have the "X" amount option adjustable.

This feature would be helpful in skipping commercials.

2.The ability to pass keyboard commands to a plugin in Progdvb's PLUGIN MENU.

This inability in Progdvb hinders some of the features of the latest plugins.

3.The option to display the name of the channel folder on the OSD when changing channels.

I use multiple folders to catorgorize my favorites within a channel list.
This works great except for not knowing which folder I am in sometimes.

4. Have Progdvb wait 1 sec before changing channels when entering channels with the remote.

What I mean is if you have a channel 55 and a channel 555 and you try to enter 555 with the remote Progdvb will change to channel 55. Progdvb will not wait for the third 5.

Blacksmith :D
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add support for BDA cards power on command.
I have a Twinhan Starbox-II BDA card and PRogDVB can't switch it on. I have to use another program to switch it on and then start ProgDVB.

an option which allow to display the channel logo on the osd, and browse a jpg or gif logo on the hard disk (when the osd is shown, with the time, the epg, signal quality etc etc ....)