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I dont have any additional software for desktop, i have found that if i switch channel after opening progdvb i can then enter fullscreen on main monitor and then switch back to original channel allows me to enter fullscreen, not a major problem as i can do this to workaround issue

Re: Feature Requests

Hi buddy sorry for delay bu i have no time in the week for working...

i've checked this italians music free channel on web and seem works in progddvb Win ( i don't know if are geo blocked out Italy )

R101 ... nifest.mpd

VIRGIN RADIO ... nifest.mpd

RADIO 105 ... 2172d38dd8

Is a m3u address but generate and MPD stream :-)

Seems that channels starts in lower video quality

P.S. check You PM

Re: Feature Requests

Its posible add a options to the lists of Channels to tellprogdvb that don't load any Channel logo in the list?.

In older computers loaad the icons cause slowless due do CPU consume.

It can be now disable, but only in the Channel propertyt so if you have 1000 Channel in one list you neeed change 1000 Channels one by one.
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