The new channel wich i 've inserted or modified, where are saved? (It' s util for new installation or upgrade).

In some Internet stream tv i do to install MS silverlight. ProgDVB will support in future?

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Prog wrote:user.itv
I've only base.itv and base2.itv in the folder \Transponders\InternetTV
where are user.itv?

for editing base.itv and base2.itv... the url is crypted?

example in base.itv:

name:1-2-3 TV

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I 've understand! I must create manually the file user.itv and i must insert the item with a syntax as a file base.itv for internet TV or base2.itv for internet radio. Naturally I type the url not crypted (cut & paste from the site is OK) :)

A Question:
If I' ve inserted a bitrate too high or too low what happens?

If I do as you have told me it creates me a file for example ChannelList3.tree in a foldel \Channels and add a line

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in the file channels.ini

What's is the best way for backup or to add custom channels in new installation or upgrade?

Who takes care of the updatings of the internet radio? The Italian list are enough old and some radio / TV don't work (they must be updated! :wink: )