Re: Internet tv does not work!

In the attachment, you can see the icons that appears shortly after opening my country list. Circled is also what I defined "comment". I wonder if this is an indication ProgDVB connected or not to the site.

That said, I think that with no real log/debug of what ProgDVB is trying to do and what is the exact cause of error, it is quete difficult both for me and for you to understand the source of the problem.

Continuing in tests, I noticed also YouTube doesn't work: in this case, it looks it can successfully get and load the stream, but a blank screen is shown, with no sound. I can guess it is a matter of Codecs ("No good input pin found (Audio Renderer") shows sometimes), but, once again, no way to know which one is the codec that makes ProgDVB unhappy.

I think PrtogDVB is a fine program, but the lack of documentation and debugging tools make it unusable in the general arena.
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Re: Internet tv does not work!

1) I simply ASK if the "comment" in the line following some channels, means ProgDVB connected and got it.

a) What is the cause of the generic message "error".
b) Where is it supposed to connect in order to get the data stream.
c) In case of YouTube, which one is the Codec that is missing.

Re: Internet tv does not work!

resca wrote:
Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:50 am
I have the same problem too or, better, some different problems using Internet TV:
-On some channels "Connecting" is shown forever
-On some channels "Connecting" is followed after a variable time by "Error"
-On some channels.finally, show "Buffering" but the screen remains black.

While for the last one, it looks may be one codec is missing, and in this case, a message stating which one is missing would be nice, in the first two cases, *may be* something is wrong with the site or the connection. Unfortunately the lack of any information about ProgDVB behavior is no-help for the user to solve problems by itself.

Some questions:
-How is the list of available channels built? (loaded during ProgDVB install or dynamically got?)
-Is the appearance of the second line (Comment?) and "icon" following the channel name an indication it was really found and "working"?
-Is it possible to know someway the name/IP address we are going to connect?
-Any way to know details of the status line message "Error"?

I feel that the "Debug" mode and "Filter manager" are useless in this circumstance, isn't it?

I strongly believe a better documentation (may be I don't know where to look for it?) and diagnostic may avoid threads and discussions like this: I am a technician too, but I feel useless without knowledge of design and diagnostic tools!
I love your post, I strongly believe there is a lack of information on the software and how best to understand errors and how to make it run, just want to thank you for sharing the same feelings, I think we need a guide, a proper one