Windows 7 x64 and Skystar 2 PCI - the solution


Firstly - I`m sorry for my rusty english ;)

The two solutions, how to install ProgDVB on Windows 7 x64 and Skystar 2 PCI.

If you want to use ProgDVB x64 - install latest Technisat driver (4.5.1 now). But you have to install BDA driver, than install ProgDVB x64 and select BDA card compatible, not Skystar. But there is a problem with diseq - I have set my antenna with monoblock (Hotbird 13.0 and Astra 19.2) - with Progdvb x64 I can only watch on Hotbird channels... scanning for Astra channels doesn`t work - signal, quality is OK, but ProgDVB doesn`t see any channels.

If you want to use ProgDVB and diseq - you have to install non-BDA drivers from Technisat (Skystar card is showed as network adapter). Next, you have to install ProgDVB x86 and select Skystar 2 Card.
Diseq works fine, I can watch both Hotbird and Astra channels.

Both of the solutions works on my computer.

I hope, that ProgDVB developers remove diseq bug (program doesn`t see non-BDA driver) in x64 version.