New user - internet TV does not work

Today I installed the ProgDVB demo on Windows 7, with Verizon FIOS internet (very fast). My problem is similar to others in this thread - Internet TV doesn't work.

I can watch a FEW channels (TV and Radio), but 99% of them do not work. Some errors are:

* Fails with "Error"
* "Connecting" ... but never connects
* Blue box pops up, but only V resolution is displayed, other boxes L, Q, A are blank.
* L and Q show 100% signal, but it still doesn't work, gets 0 kB/s speed.
* Gets ~200 kB/s speed but no picture or sound.

I've found about 3 channels of TV that work, and hundreds which do not.

Also, YouTube NEVER works. YouTube gets L, Q 100% and then 0 kB/s on all videos.

Clearly there is a software problem, because YouTube works fine in my browser.

Does ProgDVB need certain ports open?

6.35 works much better with YouTube. About half the search results work, the other half seem to be codec problems.

A few more internet channels work, but the vast majority still don't connect.

Are there certain codecs that need to be installed? I have K-Lite Codec Pack, I figured this would cover everything.

Re: New user - internet TV does not work

My dear Friends

I have the same effects like liquidctv.

On two different PC's with OS WINXPSP3 and Explorer IE8,
6.46.3 Pro 32-bit and PMS 3.58 is the Server and
6.46.3 Std 32-bit is the Client.
All is working fine, only the Youtube not.
Could somebody please explain me,
which Codecs to install exactly and also,
the exact Settings for ProgDVB.

Thanks in advance