Progdvb server and client problem

In the server I have
Net interface ( Without possibility to alter
Multicast 224.00.224
Port 10999

In the Client I have
Protocol Unicast
Network interface ( - Without possibility to alter
Multicast group IP - Without possibility to alter
Server IP
Port 10999
Same Passwords
same List of channels
Firewall off in Server
I don't get connection.
Server indicates that doesn't have client
And in the Client I don't have any traffic
Can somebody help?
Thank you

Thank you SiLencer
I am new in these things...
I made these configurations but... anything
My Lan is for wireless, and I have XpSp2 in both computers
In a server I have SS2 and works fine with Progdvb
I thank more help

Thank you

Hmm ....

stop Progdvb (Server)...then copy the whole progdvb folder to the client machine...

(Client) go in : \progdvb\filters and doubleclick ´register.bat´

then in : progdvb\channels delete all files

on the client start progdvb...go to : Settings->Device List and stop the running device modul and start : Change channel on Server ...

in Device Options : switch to Unicast,same port as on the server and ip of the server ...

then click on ´Channel list´ Button to import the channel list from the server machine

thats it...

restart first the server progdvb version then the client version...

So it works fine here ...also wireless

(quick and dirty translation from german to english ;) )
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Thank you
But when doing
then click on ´Channel list´ Button to import the channel list from the server machine .
I get "Error during transfer list of chanels"

Now I can see the server channel.

But now I canot change the server chanel

1 - Can I have the server with a channel and the client with other? How?

2 - In the client I can not change the channel. I only get to see the server channel.

Can you help?

Thank you

Thank you
I will buy the version Prof. I Already asked for information how to buy

Another help.
I have in the server the list of channels resulting from Scan
I have other where I created directorys and I copied the channels ordering for themes.
In the client I get to change the channel using the first list but I don't get if it uses the second it lists that created.
I am to do something wrong or the client can only change using the original list generated by the scan
Thank you

I bought Server Prof but in the reality I received Serverhome (!!!)
Will it be that with this I get to have a channel in the server and other in the client?
Is there some more complete manual on all of the options of Server and client?
Thank you