[Win7 x64 - SkyStar 2HD Express ] Problem


I have too much problem to make run Progdvb latelay.

Hardware used :

I7 3770k / 16 GB / Seven fresh install X64 ( i re-installed system to be sure to avoid any software conflict ).

LNB -> Inverto Quad Monoblock 23mm LNB

Problem : Progdvb find the signal , Scan = no channel found

If i reboot it can find channel, then lost signal ... ( but progdvb show me green status, either level/quality ).

If i use the dvbviewer lite , it works.

If i quite dvbviewer lite & launch progdvb => no zap, no channel scan , signal showed to be good.

Any tips to fix this issue is welcome ... because i start to be mad about this card.

Hoo and no software update from technisat .... for this card !