7.46.09 x64

version before was stable.

Now i get between 2 an 10 minutes freezing screen and in the down left the text "traffic is chipered" .

Switsching to another channel fixes the problem for severel minutes.

Pkease fix ist.

Re: 7.46.09 x64

It is not consstantly. Saturday and Sunday it works fine, but yesterday it startet with a crash after 40 minutes aof viewing without automatic restart and than after 10 to 4 minutesthe error traffic chippered occurs.

Re: 7.46.09 x64

Yesterday all works fine with tvdemux except 1 crash aber 1 1/2 hpurs of viewing.

Dont know how i get tvdemx and where it is located, but ist works better than progdemux, MD demux, elcard demux. ni errors so far.
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