Scheduler question / Problem

Hi Prog. Here is another issue I'm noticing with the latest Beta.

I'm testing the scheduler to see if it records since it has failed me me a few times.

ProgTV only records if the app is opened. So I downloaded an app called MacroDroid. With it I can open ProgTV say at 1:59 PM and I have a recording scheduled for 2:00PM

I noticed that when ProgTV is launched the recording starts before the scheduled time. I also set the task to close ProgTV after the recording is done but it actually sits on the screen that says "Do You want to exit from ProgTV? and it says Ok or Cancel. Anyway to force to close after the recording is done?

Again I'm using IPTV as source
Nvidia Shield Android TV on Android N

Re: Scheduler question / Problem

Prog wrote:
Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:58 pm
Do you have this problem time to time or every scheduler task?
Good question.

Ok I just did another test, Instead of scheduling from the guide, I went a created a new manual task from the Scheduler.

I picked the channel, start, end time. I closed ProgTV. Then I used MacroDroid to open the app 30 seconds before the scheduled recording time. It open on the last channel, then it changed to the channel to record and started recording at the scheduled time. It ended the recording and asked me to confirm if I wanted to close ProgTV.

I had another task scheduled with MacroDroid to force close ProgTV and it closed it 30 seconds later.

So this time the recording went as scheduled. I will do another test from the guide again, maybe it only happens when scheduling from the guide.

It would be nice for ProgTV to stop the stream and close after the recording has ended if there is no anything else to record right after. That way I would not need to force the program to close with another program.


Ok I opened from the guide and from the menu for the channel I got to the scheduler, seems like there is no difference for setting up the schedule this way actually.

And yes it switched to the channel and started recording as soon as ProgTV was opened which was maybe 30 seconds earlier. No big deal if I choose to pen the app almost at the same time as the recording is about to start.

Maybe it only does it sometimes because there was one time when it waited till the correct time to switch the channel and start recording. The only difference when it worked properly is that I had no channel playing so in the task I had to go and search for the channel and setup the scheduler, and when you do it when a channel is playing it has that channel selected already in the scheduler.

One more bug to report though.

If I bind my own keys. After the app is closed and restarted the bind keys are all set back to the deafult and I have to bind my keys again and they are only good for that session.

***Edit 2***

There might be a problem with the scheduler

Did another test and this time it opened ProgTV and ProgTV switched to the channel to record but did not start the recording.

I also found the option that says confirm exit, unchecked that and now it exits after recording without having to confirm :)