Problems with version 7.52.X.

The program worked for me with version 7.51.6 and I updated to 7.52.0. Since then it gave errors and problems when closing the program, so I went back to 7.51.6 and it works correctly.
Today I tried 7.52.1 and the same thing happens to me, problems when closing the program, and I'm on 7.51.6 again. I hope I don't have to stay here indefinitely.
Does it happen to anyone else or just me?

Ryzen 5 3600
Windows 10 Pro 64

Re: Problems with version 7.52.X.

Well, it only gave me an error once, but what happens is that since I press the X to close the program until it closes now, there is a delay of about 5-7 seconds, showing "not responding" in the error bar. title (and if I click it crashes)
It also takes me a while to start up, from running to starting to watch TV, but I've gotten used to it, but the delay when closing is new.
I have installed version 7.52.1 and have enabled detailed logs. ...

Re: Problems with version 7.52.X.

I think you mean this setting, right?

With that previous configuration I have tried starting and closing the program twice with each version and these are the times needed:
1 - From when I run it until the first TV image appears
2 - From when I press the X to close until the window disappears

With version 7.51.6:
1. Open: 31'' - 32''
2. Close: 10'' - 10''

With version 7.52.1:
1. Open: 32'' - 32''
2. Close: 0.50'' - 0.70''

As you can see, the difference when closing is large, about 20 times more.
Another thing is whether it is normal for it to take more than half a minute to start, but I am already used to that.

Re: Problems with version 7.52.X.

Ok, I have cleared the configuration and reinstalled version 7.52.1a.
It takes the same (32 seconds to start and 10 seconds to close).
Maybe it could be because my card has a problem or is that slow, but that does not explain the difference in closing times (from less than 1 second to 10).

By the way, while doing these tests I realized another error. If I close with the X in the upper right corner, it closes, but if I right click on the video and select Exit, even if I answer that I do want to close, the confirmation window does not close the program, only closes the confirmation window.