4 Single LNB's on two recievers at the same time

Hi all,

need help in figuring out what exactly do i need form hardwareperspective to make following setup:

Currently, I have:

4 Single LNB's pointing to 4 different satellites
1 4-Way Diseq splitter (Used as multiswitch in ProgDVB)
1 Coax cable
1 USB DvbSky receiver

All 4 satellites work OK and I'm happy with everything.

Now I need help to identify the hardware to extend this setup to TWO recievers over the same cable. I was looking everywhere but I cannot understand what hardware I need to make this happen. Only what i found was that is possible and than answers go on limitations that I am fully aware of. but no "How to" is to be found with 100% certanty it will work.

I do not care about the costs, just need to know the logic and what hardware I need to make this single cable distribution.

If anything, where should I post this question as I can't find a good Satellilte forum anywhere :-(


Re: 4 Single LNB's on two recievers at the same time



This would mean I would need to exchange all of my single LNB's with quattro LNB's, connect each of the LNB's outputs to appropriate multiswitch inputs. This is clear, I need 16 inputs on multiswitch.

However, how do I get them to distribute to only one coax and split the coax to two recievers afterwards?

This is where I do not understand the logic :-(