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EPG in IPTV using XML Link

The EPG needs a little work. When browsing up/down, the EPG will go to the beginning of the episode on the channel being highlighted. If that channel has a 12-hour event, the EPG will jump back XX hours and that makes it somewhat difficult to navigate. Not sure the coding you're using to display the...

EPG Time Shift - ProgTV

Hello! I have a couple of question regarding ProgTV. - When I select Options (press O on keyboard) and then select 1, the actual time in my location (also seen on bottom right of screen) is correct, but the grid is 7hours ahead. I have updated my channels and EPG through my IPTV provider (using an M...

ProgTV for Android

Hello! I will be using three individual Android TV boxes and would like to know if I can copy the configuration settings from one to the other two. This would save time getting them identically setup.

Is this an option?

Thank you!

Re: ProgDVB Media sever walk through

Prog wrote: You can read manual at first and ask question.
About pay tv - only current channel.
Not trying to hijack, but the OP question is reasonable, as is your response. To assist, do you have a link to a good manual that discusses the features and settings of the Media server?


Prog Media Server

I am trying to find some documentation on this software, but it's definitely lacking. I am trying to setup a ProgMediaServer (Windows 10) that will have my m3u listing from an IPTV carrier - then broadcast those channels to multiple devices within my local network. Is this possible? If I am in the w...

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