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Re: Is ProDVB NOT for NTSC ?

No they are regular S ! Haven't you seen these channels from USA ? I have followed them for many years. They changes from 15 west to Eurobird 9, 9 east sometime in 2009, transmitted in PAL, easely received, and now they have moved to Atlantic Bird 1, 11161V 5632 , firstly in Pal, but since last week...

Is ProDVB NOT for NTSC ?

I have several times tryed to get the NBC feeds on Telstar 12, 15 west to funck on ProgDVB, but it does NOT !!!!

I try to scan the 11519H 11526 H and 11532H feeds,, there's good signal, but when trying to lock these , the signals is lost to 000, so scan is not possibel !

What is wrong ?

Channels disappers

I use ProgDVB Pro 6.48.03, and nearly all channels i press, disapper from the channel list at left after I have seen it or recorded it. It's a very bad bug !!! The Arqiva feed on Atlantic Bird 1, 12,5W , 11161H 5632 (3/4) with NBC shows early morning (Cet ) was in the channels list yesterday, I prog...

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