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Hello prog, I have checked the twinhan homepage and there is only one dvbs2 card and it is AD- SP400 CI (1041 driver) which I mentioned below. As I understand from your sayings, I can use azurewave twinhan driver for technisat hd2 card. Am I right ? Thanks for your support.

Hello Prog, I tried progdvb 4.89.9.std version with technisat hd2 card. I choose [bda] technisat mantis dvbs bda receiver in device list. I have 13.0 hotbird, 19,2 astra and 42 turksat satellites. when I choose one of channels from any satellites, I have no signal but then I choose another channel i...

Hello Prog, thanks for your quick response. Have you released any device for technisat hd 2 card for progdvb ? or when I download hd2's device, can I see that in progdvb device list automatically ? My second question is I think, I should buy progdvb pro in order to watch hd channels ? Please advise.

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