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solved :)

:lol: 8) :lol:

I tried now new driver 4.6b (before she had 4.0a) and ProgDVB 5.15.1 and everything work now. I had some crashes during watching and when tried to connect progmedia client. I always had these errors with 5.x, I have to try 4.8x.

This thread can be closed now :)

Thanks again

BDA As far as I know, there are no WDM drivers for this card, and they will never be. ProgDVB 4 and 5 work great with this card, but not if it's over diseq. It should work on ProgDVB as it works on DVBViewer. ProgDVB just doesn't understand diseqc. Long time ago, when tried to fix this problemm, I f...

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