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Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

You can try other video renderers. I am not author of madVR and not know about interlace in this renderer. Also you can try interlace settings of video codec. It was claimed to be progDVB-s fault because: "does a bad job of re-initing the directshow graph on channel changes" It's annoying because i...

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Hi! LAV 0.70 was released recently and it looks like ProgDVB crashes always when I turn HW acceleration. Also it looks like deinterlacing doesn't work when I turn it on in madVR. It only works at startup until I switch channels. After that there's no deinterlacing, I get full combing artifacts. (The...

Re: Astrometa bugs

Prog wrote:Please test "b" prerelease and send me logs if still error.

If you don't make a comment in the original thread I won't know that you split-off my posts, and I certainly won't get notifications from the new one...

Astrometa bugs

16.0 Completely broken.

I was excited to see huge fixes for astrometa tuners. Yet all I got was nothing. Just an error message repeating endlessly, no matter which channel I try to switch to:
pdvb-fail.PNG (3.48 KiB) Viewed 2617 times

Re: New installer

1. Do you mean reset some old settings? In what configuration? 2. Yes. Path at first. Because need previous settings of installation. -The settings that are shown during the installation. (GUI and such) -Doesn't make sense to me. Just select portable or not first. If normal is selected than show th...

Installer is flawed.

Hi! I don't know if it's because the new installer, because I didn't try before. But it has issues. -The installer overrides already set settings. It always prompts the gui and tuner settings. Even if I don't change them the gui gets reset to default. -portable mode is problematic. You select portab...

Re: madVR

I don't understand why this OSD bug is still present. MadVR always forced to use the SD skin... Even when "Always Use HD skin" is set and "Use GUI for OSD". But because another bug (I guess) when I change from madvr to EVR it gets the HD skin what EVR had. And it works perfectly... Why not just pass...

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