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[quote="loben"][quote="Prog"]Please try copy bda.device from last good version to new ProgDVB.
Same problem with EPG?[/quote]

Bda.device version 1.55 from 6.02.03 in version 6.03.03 solved
this problem with EPG.[/quote]

Sorry, no, it didn't with me.

Still the same. Edit: Sorry to say but there is another issue. 6.03.04 seems to be not able to receive RADIO-internet programs as the streaming does not start, it remains at 0 kB/s, even when the connection and buffering and signal quality is very good. That applies only to radio signals, tv signals...

[quote="loben"]EPG data counting problem is in 6.03.03 too. In 6.02.03 it's OK.[/quote] I have the same problem with 6.03.03 and also the same with 6.03.04 (DVB-t in Germany). EPG quite unusable, only one transponder shows some very incomplete result, all other transponders show nothing at all. Othe...

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