Subtitles out of sync

Hi !

I have iptv and use progdvb on my android box, Alfawise s92.
But on the channels there i can select subs the subtitles are out of sync, showing too fast/slow..

But when i watch iptv and use Progdvb on my pc the sub sync is perfect!!

i tried iptv from three diffrent providers, not free ones.

The problem must be on the android app?

Re: Subtitles out of sync

Prog wrote:You can record me 5 minutes from this channel or give my url.
Okey! but i have already done that to you before, in the other thread.
When i watch it live in progdvb on my android box alfawise s92, the subtitle is not in sync.. showing the subtitle too early or deleyd.
But when i record and watch it on my pc later in VLC the subs are synced perfect!

You understand what i mean? :)
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Re: Subtitles out of sync

Ok, Set all 4 playback modes under Playback menu to openmax you mean?

*edit* tried with standard settings on the beta app, subs still not synced.

And with all playback modes set to openMAX then subs showing too fast on SD channels and delay on HD channels :/