ProgTV Android 2.29.2/3


I use prog tv for watching IPTV since a while! Great program and works nice with remotes!

I have run into problem with the versions 2.29.2 and 2.29.3, it seems they have problems with the buffering, I didn't see any post about this yet, so it might be worth to bring it to your attention ).

When going to a stream ( I have two different IPTV providers ), the stream starts and after a while it starts to replay the last few minutes, and after that I see small hickups / stuttering in the stream.
When I switch to an other stream I see this problem again.
I tried to increase and decrease the buffering, but that's not fixing it.

I have seen this on three different boxes ( X96 pro with AMLogic S905X, T95Z plus with AMLogic S912 and a Beelink GT1 also with AMLogic S912 ) and on my Nexus 5X, which were using the latest ( 2.29.3 ) or the 2.29.2 version.
I have downgraded all these boxes to the 2.29.1 version and all is working fine again on all boxes.
I have disabled automatic updating from the playstore for now on the boxes.
I reinstalled the new version as well, and cleaning cached files.

Hope this can be fixed in a future update? If needed I can check the beta version for problems.

Re: ProgTV Android 2.29.2/3

Hi Prog,

Sorry I didn't reply any sooner, I just didn't found the appropriate time.

I did update to the latest version from the appstore during the weekend and it seems with videoplayer+ for above 720P my stuttering and relooping is has been resolved.

Thanks for the support and the releases!