Skip Error Channels

is there a way to automatically skip channels of a playlist with an error so that the next channel of the playlist is selected and so on until a channel is ok?
If not, is there a way to add an option in ProgTV for Android?

Thank you!

Re: Skip Error Channels

Div wrote:
Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:27 pm
Yes :)
Sometimes there are a lot of channels not working in playlists. Maybe it would be an improvement (of course just as an option, not as standard) for some users. (If Error - jump to next channel) :idea:
Div ;if you are talking about when iptv m3u channel is buffering?, which in ProgDVB wont buffer but rather give you an error but in this case no need to auto skip channel because channel comes back after the buffering is this case Is not ProgDVB's fault that your IPTV service sucks and buffers,while in Perfect Player or other Player you get the Buffering ring in ProgDVB you get an error; means same as buffering.In my case if channel buffers or in case of ProgDVB gives Error if it takes longer the 30 seconds i exit channel and reenter or go to another channel,i think the way things are ok with a tweak here and there, also we should root for other stuff like EPG integrated in the Channel line up just like in Perfect Player,that would be a great improvement.