Skipped Frames


We are testing progTV for HD programs. We encountered video skipping even after the Continuity Count (CC) error had stopped. The video is freezing every 1 to 2 seconds even if normal transmission has been resumed. ProgTV should recover itself after CC errors. The video is like displaying 2-5 frames per second instead of the normal frame rate.

If we channel up/down the video is back to normal. The normal video is corrected if we channel up/down.

Kindly check the attached log file. Maybe you can find something in there that causes the video skipped frames on multicast: udp://@

Link to download the log file.

Re: Skipped Frames

Okay, right now that is running on OpenMax. I will try disabling the engine.

By the way, what is the advantage if we use the engine? Will the engine make the picture looks good or it improves the performance?