2.71.3 glitch with m3u list

Hi Prog, I updated to 2.71.3. I updated a m3u list in the new 2.71.3 update. The list is a working list. When accessing the list it should start at the beginning of the m3u list but now it does not. When opening the list in the 2.71.3 update all the channels are scrambled. They are not in the order of the m3u.

These are the first 4 channels in the m3u list. These channels were always the first 4 channels in prior versions of ProgTV.

Armenian: AABC TV
Armenian: AMGA TV
Armenian: ARTN/SHANT
Armenian: Kentron tv

After the 2.71.3 update the first 4 channels are.

AL: News 24
IN: Star Sports 1 HD
The Vampire Diaries - 2x03

As you can see the channels are all over the place and not following the actual m3u channel list.