Xml guide auto update

Is there a way for the guide to auto update? I host my custom guide on one of my servers and it never pulls down automatically. After a few days when the guide needs to be refreshed I have to go to tv sources and click the update button for the new guide updates to be pulled down. I have the "interval of updates" set for 2 hours and that does not seem to make a difference.

Re: Xml guide auto update

So I lowered my update interval to 1 hour and enabled verbose debugging and I am not seeing any attempts after an hour to pull down updated EPG. I am also hosting the xml guide personally and ran a capture on the server and no connection attempts are coming into the server. This is happening on all of my devices running progtv (fire sticks, and Nvidia sheilds) . I am also running a mix of versions from 2.75.2 to 2.77.2 and they all operate the same way. I must be missing something here. If I go to the tv source and click update it works immediately and I see the request come into my server. Any help would be appreciated. Also is there a way to set the application to attempt a pull on startup?