TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

hi, just yesterday i have try Dvblink player because you have told me:
try another program if open all tuners.
and i must tell you, that program has check channels for all 8 tuners
and was able to play and record without crash.
so, the problem is your program that is write bad or you have miss
something inside to check.
right now with your program i work with 5 tuners, and 3 must be off.
if i try to turn on a sixth tuner, the program crash in just 1 second.
hope you finally make the program to run all 8 tuners, so after this
i can pay the program also if it crash for other reasons.

Re: TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

Prog wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:16 am
Good. Try more experiments with BDA settings in ProgDVB.
sorry, what you mean try new experiments ???
you have wrote the program, not me.
if dvblink player has check channels for 8 tuners
and after it was able to work, and your program
crash with 6 tuners, is because something don't
work inside your program.
you know where to watch about tuners, not me.
if you want i do experiments, can you tell me
what to touch ?

Re: TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

you are not a Facebook user ???
very strange, if you sell a program
you must be connected with many
how i can send you the file ???
the file is only 3,49 mega large.

i have disabled the playback, but...
in first i cannot follow what i go to record,
so this work good only if you schedule.

in second:
just after i press the sixth tuner, the program crash.

now i have a big idea:
i go to empty all tuners and i fill them
with only 1 mux each tuner for the first 6 tuners.
till now the program don't has crash.

now for the last 2 tuners, i do a general search (italy +1.7)
and continue to search without crash.

hope i can have all 8 tuners opened.

Re: TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

Prog wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:31 am
I am very happy man because not use social networks :)
What you mean " empty all tuners " ?
empty tuners:
my idea was to empty a great part of the channels stored in each tuner.
for my region they are about 300.
so, i wanted save only channels of 1 mux (example 5-10 channels).
1 tuner, 1 different mux.
but after i try to open another tuner, it has crash all.
like always.
it's your program write bad, not my card.

Re: TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

Prog wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:48 am
btw, what cpu load on 5 tuners?
cpu load can stay around 0-20% max.
it depend from how many channels you open together.
in this old picture (take it days ago) you can see how many
channels i have opened and the cpu load.

please, make your program that can open all 8 tuners,
and not crash when i try to open the sixth one.

i work today again with 5 tuners only.

Re: TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

Prog wrote:
Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:36 am
Program have limit for 25 tuners at one... btw, what error message in windows events?
right now i don't remember the error msg,
i must wait another crash, but many crash
don't record the log file.

sorry, what you mean 25 tuners ???
maybe you wanted tell 25 tv windows ???
i have 8 tuners, and i must be the lonely here
to have this professional card.

Re: TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

right now i have try this option:
i delete all channels on database.
so, i have 5 tuners empty.
now i do a manual search:
on tuner 0 i add the mux of Dmax.
on tuner 1 i add the mux of Focus.
on tuner 2 i add the mux of Rai.
on tuner 3 i add the mux of Mediaset Extra.
on tuner 4 i add the mux of Iris.
at this point after delete radio channels, and data channels,
i have about 35-40 channels on with 5 tuners.
at this point i turn on the sixth tuner.
restart program, crash.
restart again, crash.
restart, finally the program stay.
so, on the last tuner (6th) i add the mux of Capri.
at this point the program don't crash.
when start the first schedule recording, the program crash very fast.
i turn on, crash.
i turn on, crash again, ecc, ecc.
at this point for don't lose all records i have on the evening,
i go to the progdvb folder on disk c, open the file ProvidersEngine,
it count 6 tuners, i write 5, and i delete the last tuner write under.
save-close the file.
the program run well.
when a solution for have 8 tuners on ???
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