About licence

As I understand, if I am not wrong, ProgDVB Pro can only be registered and installed in only one PC. In other words,I can have only one copy of ProgDVB. This is OK and I understand it.

The question: What if my registered PC is not working any more, or I just want to install ProgDVB Pro in other PC?

Re: About licence

But it uses Hardware ID, that is unique for each PC (I think so). I haven't test it yet, but in a few days I will try to install it in one more PC. I will feedback.

Another question: I have bought x64 (only) version, but my other PC is x32. Could I install the x32/x64 Pro version, using my current license?

Re: About licence

I think about buying a single license of "ProgDVB Network Edition" and I have a desktop PC. My question is:

If my PC crashes and I have to replace it, will I have to buy a new license? or, can I request the license change to the new PC?