EPG in win10 IPTV m3u url line help?

Hi Prog; i've been struggling with EPG in Win 10 pc, i did struggle with EPG in Android but finely was able to figure it out and found it to be very good and very alike of Perfect player in some way better,
but now i'd like to get the EPG the same way in Win 10 PC as in Android , but i can't get it running,can't get it even showing ,i don't know what i'm doing wrong ,i have the M3U url line that worked real good on Android progdvb but in PC it wont run,please give me some guidance thanks.

Re: EPG in win10 IPTV m3u url line help?

Prog wrote:
Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:37 pm
Send me this m3u and guide files.

ps: Total same in win. You can enter link to m3u and to guide in TV Sources->IPTV client
Thanks Prog; i finally was able to figure it out and get it running ,on IPTV client , it took me a while but now it's set, and must say it's really good i'm impressed ,either in Android or PC,thanks alot for the great applications,and i want to apologize for some grief i caused progdvb with my contestations, but you see i like to rely more on plug and play, although i end up figuring out stuff but not without some grief, since i'm not schooling advanced,4 years prime school only , despite i've learned stuff the hard way on my own and i'm my own Software /Hardware/ Electronic repair handyman with Knowledged skills .Thanks and keep up the good work.