Problems with viewing HD-Channels (7.23.08)

After installing my hdd´s in new hardware (old HP xw4600 new HP Z210) both systems did a lot of updates because of chipset, videocard and so on.
after running w7 ultimate (x86) and w10 prof (x64), i have the following problems.
Viewing normal channels is a little bit garbeld, but HD-channels are without sound and the video is very destroid (unvieable).
Within w10 the problem ist much bigger. Old card nvidea fx380, new nvidea 210.
i tried the following:
1 remove all videodrivers
2 reinstall all videodrivers
3 installing the software delivered with my card (techno-trend S2-3200) and there it works.

But the tt-software is very simple so i´m looking for a way to use progdvb like the last 7 years.