progdvb tiny issues

Thanks for keep updating progdvb

there is still problem in progdvb client channel http-referrer

if i open any channel and i press WIN+L to lock pc then after time i log in and hope to watch what i miss by time shift, sadly after log in progdvb close current channel!!!

if i press V button ratio window appear with 5 choices but the choice number five not visible it's like the window is crop!!
the same for border window that appear by pressing B button and reminder window
logo some times appear or disappear randomly in channel list that appear by pressing L or Enter button and right channel list
logo not found in information window that appear by pressing I button
while logo may appear in information window that auto show when you switch to any channel using keyboard only!!!

if i choose Arabic in EPG window and press E button the language in epg window still English

diseq issue
i have a diseq and using port 1 and 2
if for any reason i moved the LNB from port 2 to port 3
i will go to progdvb tv sources and delete the sat in port 2 and now port 2 is empty
add the sat to port 3 and press ok
once i close progdvb and open it again it auto show tv sources window with tuner in red line and port 2 not empty but "0.0E sat name not found" !!
i will remove that and port 2 is empty and press ok and once i close and open progdvb it show again and so on
to solve that i just put any sat to the port to stop this problem!!!

i like to make zoom 250% !
if current event is long it will not highlighted!!
in first pic there is no current event , zoom250%
in next pic after make zoom to 190 the current event will be highlighted
if the event is longer it will not be highlighted until i decrease the zoom again!

Re: progdvb tiny issues

Please not post different themes in one thread.

1. What problem. Please remember me.
2. Change video renderer. This is problem only Custom EVR.
3. Skins not good working with font scale :( More experiments in future.
4. Epg language not depended from current audio track. Only from global audio settings.

Re: progdvb tiny issues

Thanks for your response
1. What problem. Please remember me.
progdvb client channel list http-url keep changing!
That's a video explaining the problem as simple as possible ...

video steps
1* first scan for channels
2* open channels for first time with no problem
'on drama'-'on sport'-'on E'

3* open channels for second time problems happens
open 'on drama' name in info window is 'on E'! video is ' on E'!
open 'on sport' name in info window is 'on E'! video is ' on sport'!
open 'on E' is ok!

4* repeat open channels and same problems!
5* close progdvb and open it again
channels ' on sport' and ' on drama' are missing!
instead there is 3 channels named ' ON E'

the rotation of http-url happen between channels at same transponder only!
if i open channels from other transponder the same problem happen and so on
if i remove channels from base and scan for channels
channels list will be ok and channels work good for first time only
then the problem appear as described in video

i hope you got the problem