Favorite Channels?

Hi prog i appreciate all your good work on Progdvb network Edition ,on the Add Favs i'd like to suggest if you can;
we have add favs for example i have made my FAVS for IPTV on customer list of internet channels m3u service , now i have another IPTV service on IPTV Client when i add favs it's a mess, but would be nice if i can add Favs on IPTV Client also and should be able when i change from customer internet list of internet channels to iptv client m3u to have Favs for other service

Re: Favorite Channels?

Prog wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:51 am
Sorry. I am not understand you case.
I understand, i did not explain well; at present we can add Favorites channels from all services and all fav's will be in the same list of favs from both 2 iptv services ,what i mean to have the Favs independently.
when i select 1 iptv Client service i have all my added favs then when i select my other iptv in custom list of internet channels there are no Favs , if i add favs from my #2 service they are all in one same favs list,.i'd like them to be independent only upon selecting the service i want.,hope i made myself clear, thanks