I have Windows 7 and a Himedia Q10 Pro Android TV Box. On Windows, I enter the links for channels from IPTV Mywifitv, it tries to update, but does not complete the process and I cannot seem able to bring up channels of EPG. Is there something more I need to do?

Second, I do the same from the app in my TV box, but when I endter a link it either gives me an eror message saying it timed out, or took too long, or a 404 message. I have not had problems with any other apps putting in links etc. So what am I doing wrong?

Any step by step information would be helpful. I have watched a few videos and di exactly what they do, but nothing happens? Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Setup

They both work as I use them with both IPTV Extreme , Smarter's, and Broadcasting hit. However, neither have extensive ability to record programs. This is why I’m trying to use ProgTV. I just need help getting setup. Any link I put in doesn’t work. Something is blocking or not allowing it to process or populate.