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I have a problem: Recording does not start from the current position but always from the end of the buffer. Earlier I could shift a few minutes back and record from there until recording catches up with "now". Has this feature been disabled in some version or is it a bug or do I have another problem on my system?

I have updated from version 6.86.4 to 6.91.5.

Any ideas?

PS: I analysed this a bit. This behaviour was introduced with Version 6.87, Engine 5.162. Funny, that 6.86.4 Engine 5.160, which I had used a long time seems to be the last version having this feature...

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Changing the Demultiplexor to whatsoever didn't help.

Changing record mode to synchronus (that's what you mean?) makes it possible to record an earlier scene of the movie again, but I can't use Time shift during record. That's also what I need to do... With Version 6.86.4 it was possible to timeshift to an earlier time, record from then and jump back to the current time, continue watching in realtime.

BUT: Switching to another channel of the same Transponder is the big problem (hangs) in every version from 6.86.4 to 6.87.6. That's why I need to use a version above 6.90... which all have the problem, that I cannot record an earlier scene of the current movie... :(

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

I deleted all files in the Logs subfolder of the ProgDVB installation path, installed 6.86.4 again, started ProgDVB, running one channel and chose to open another channel in a new window. The current channel then stops playing, the second one stays black. Then I closed the second window and pressed the Stop button on the first one. Then exit ProgDVB. Here are the created log files.

I hope, the 6.9x versions can record from an earlier position again soon :(
logfiles from the Logs-subfolder.
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Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

The OSD is not showing video trafic speed for crypted channels, but show it for crypted audio trafic.
It is necessary that information for we know if the video PID is empty or in use.
There´s another bug: data trafic appears as "mono" audio stream.
Prog, please include the 4:2:2 status in OSD, when it happens: so we can change to proper codec (most codecs doesnt do 4:2:2).

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

HI. i have new Skystar 2 Express HD. Downloaded last Progdvb 6.92.1 but after complete scan on 13E i have many "not scanned".
2 type of problem:
1) some frequency that say "not scanned" work perfectly if use MANUAL SEARCH on single transponder (i.e. 10.853 H 29.900)
2) some frequency doesn't exists! :shock: = 12.437 H 27.500 I downloaded new updated ALL.list from fastsatfinder. In TV DEVICE > TRANSPONDER LIST i correctly see updated frequency but when launch new scan i still see this damned frequency 12.437 H 27.500 :shock: . So i delete all satellite expect 13°E and all transponder of 13°E except the firsth.
Started new scan and see and correctly see "scanned 0 of 1" but after two second... like a miracle :lol: :lol: :lol: this become "2 of 48" 8) Probably error in the code...
see the attached screenshot

3) last problem. I see 2 device in TV SOURCE.
- Technisat BDA Digital tuner (that work)
- (WDM) Skystar 2 Express HD. If i use this when scan start no channel found. I see the signal indicator in traybar that change from red to green, and if i open and click on STATE INFO i see correctly transponders changing and Technisat signal meter is green for all frequency. It's possible to fix it?
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