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Just saying THANK YOU!

In Versions 6.7x to 6.92 (engine > 5.162) opening a second channel of the same transponder was working (in previous versions it was not). But it was not possible to rewind in the timeshift buffer and record *from there* (!).

Now, version 6.93.1, engine 5.171 finally can do both!!! :) Very glad! Thank you!

EDIT: It does only work on some transponders :( I can't say, if this has been like that with the 5.162 engine versions.
How is it possible, that this record-from-the-past only works on some transponders and not on some others?

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

ProgDVB 6.93.1:

– reproduceable crash wen selecting HD-Channel in XP with 800x600 (see pic.)

– hanged when selecting any Full-HD-(1920x1024)-Channel (but not when selecting HD-ready-(1280x720)-Channel) with Vista64; and after quit BSOD ...

Btw.: both only updated; both worked fine before

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Also sometimes Normal window goes to bigger and I can't resize it to drag borders with cursor. I have to manually open progdvb.ini and enter new width and height.

And channel list width goes sometimes shorter. :( At least I can drag it with cursor.

Edit: This and previous problem happens also with latest pre-release.

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Hello! Today I installed ProgDVB x64 ver 6.94 to my computer (Win 7 x64) and IPTV don't work anymore. I tried ProgDVB uninstall with revo uninstaller and installed again and reset all settings and searched channels again, but it don't find anymore any channels.

If I install older version then IPTV works.

I don't know very much about IPTV, but I choosed Network from device options, inserted TV channels list file (M3U), scanned it, but all channels goes to lost channels list.

What is wrong?

In attachment is copy of logs.
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Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Prog wrote:Bug... Please look netclient.log on your disk. Also send me m3u file.
Here they are. kanalite_nimekiri.m3u is full list of channels downloaded from internet for this country. Some channels wont work (2 or 3 channels), but example first 10 channels must work (, etc).

Log is maded this way:

1. Maded all necessary settings, searched channels, settings channels EPG and others settings up and sorted favourites. All works perfect.

2. Installed ProgDVB pre-release (ver 6.93.2e) and all works, except subtitle info. This version and 6.94 don't show active subtitle icon top of window which means there are several subtitle streams (icon is inactive). Example Animal planet have several subtitles.

3. Installed ProgDVB final version (ver 6.94) and nothing works.

After all I installed old version again (6.93.1) and all works again.

Note: I didn't uninstalled nothing between installations.

Also there are window resize problems mentioned earlier.
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Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Prog wrote:Please try last prerelease for IPTV fix.
Thank you for quick fix. Now IPTV works with 6.94a.

I think ProgDVB is worth to buy. :) There are some unexpected bugs and when I know how exactly they comes I will report them, but at moment most annoying problem is ProgDVB TV window resize problem. :(

Also I translate ProgDVB to estonian and when it is ready, I send language files to