Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Today I installed Win 10 to virtual machine and everything should be default there and there is same bug.

Other users dont have this problem? This bug dont appear in normal window mode.

I really like TV window mode, but sometimes I wanna open desktop and it is so annoying to resize that window all the time or switch to normal window. :((((

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Yes it works great on 7.16.5 or older version.

When I record directly or record in background same issue happened. I also tried scheduler recording. No changes.

I noticed that this problem after using remote desktop connection. When I login to computer, my record automatically stopped and TV signals gone. So I realize that locking computer causes this problem

P.S. My OS Win 7

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Hi, hope I am in the right place.
I am trying progdvb free to view satip terrestrial.
I am using my tv set, panasonic dx730, as dvb-via-ip server and the problem that I have is that when I start scanning for channels after the 2 or 3 frequency scanned it crashes [even the android app does].
I tried the 64bit and 32bit and the same crash.
If I put an random ip as host [not the actual server ip] the scanning goes on normally [without finding channels, of course].
I am on windows 10 64bit last fast ring insider preview and android 5.0 zenfone2 551ml.
If u need some log files u have to tell me which ones, cause there are a lot of them.
Thank u.