Yes, without plugins; and modules are disabled.

This is true, I have low signal on three channels because I live too far away from transponder (DVB-T). I would have to use DVB-S. But ProgDVB shouldn't crash for this reason, it should only report a warning.


If video or audio codecs crash then ProgDVB crash also :-(

Oh, I see...Do you have recommendations for codecs? (I use Microsoft codecs). Thanks.


Elecard looks stable but any codec can crash on damaged traffic :-(

Re: .

Prog wrote:You can remove subtitle from channel propetres.
Hello Prog,

I have run 6.03 on BBC HD for two nights without the error pupping up.
But did remove teletext and subtitles PIDs.

Will try with only teletext PID although I don't see any teletext on BBC HD.

So it does look like subs are the problem on BBC HD.

Looking on the web, even settop boxes crash on BBC subs, so maybe BBC have to commit to standards better ?
See http://www.joinfreesat.co.uk/index.php/ ... mment-6490

Oh and @nebiforever; I have used progdvb 4.x for years on SD with skystar2 and now progdvb Pro since July on HD and have seen hardly any crashes.
My XP license did cost a lot more and crashes more too :wink:
Progdvb Pro, AMD 5000+, GF8800 GT, DVBWorld DVB-S2 USB, WaveFrontier T90 28E-12W

If I press "first", "previous", "next" or "last" button on timeshift controls, "BORDER" function switches off :!:
Technisat Cablestar HD2, ASUS A8N-E NForce4-Ultra, Athlon 4600+ X2, Geil 1GBx2 DDR400, Club 3D Geforce 8000GTS

Two bug in version 6.03

1. When in Channel List Properties i use "Sort by : Unsort" and "Group by : None" and then move some channels in a folder after a channel search all folder is removed and channels come back to the main list.

2. If open progdvb and dont select any channel for 10-15 sec then progdvb crashed.


1. For channel list edition you must select favorites type.

2. Try 6.03.02. What DVB card?

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Prog wrote:1. For channel list edition you must select favorites type.

2. Try 6.03.02. What DVB card?
Thank you for fast reply, my DVB card is SkyStar 2.

1. Since 6.03 version ProgDVB doesn't read all EPG data from DVB-T multiplex. Green dot few times blinks and then EPG data count interrupts. ProgDVB reopening won't help. Epg.dat deletion won't help.

See http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr69697_Image1.gif (EPG table after interruption)

2. In ProgDVB6 series sometimes drops out czech coding in EPG.

See http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr69700_Image2.gif

3. Czech TV's are changing often aspect ratio, for example before and after advertising, but ProgDVB holds still same aspect till channel reselection or switching.

4. Czech teletext coding still doesn't work.

5. Feature request: sleep timer function should be left only for single application as a button, not as a permanent preset.


Same in 6.03.03? What channel?

EPG data counting problem is in 6.03.03 too. In 6.02.03 it's OK.