Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

In 6.40.x versions i have after a minute or two heavy sound stuttering, sound dissapear and after a while getting back. This occurs after every channel switch. Also Diseqc 1.2 not functioning at all. In my Anysee viewer motor turns without problems.

Anysee E30 S2 Plus
ProgDVB Pro purchased and registered
Windows 7 x64 bit
C2Q 9400 2.66 GHz
ASUS P5Q3 board
OPTICUM DM 2200 H-H motor Diseqc 1.2, Goto x functions.


Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Javidan wrote:
Prog wrote:It is not depended from x32/x64. It is depended from codecs and driver. At first start ProgDVB with /Debug key and look error messages.
May you explain more? :(

Is there anyway to use old x86 plugins in ProgDVB Pro x64? :cry:
Any idea? :(

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

With /Debug i get:
When i try scanning i get:
and this stay on screen doing nothing.

version x32
Last best version for me? No one, with all i have problems (not functioning, crashed ...)

When driver is set as anysee driver, nothing functional. I then set driver to BDA and in properties set Microsoft compatible BDA mode. Now i can scan satellite and get channels and watch. After turn off ProgDVB and turn on again, screen is black. I then try rescan one transponder and i get picture again. In my opinion this is problem on Anysee drivers, not your program, which i like. Thank you.

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

I've been using version 6.30 for a while without major problems and wanted to update to 6.42.

I got the following problem:
The ProgDVB scheduler window, in which I used to be able to add commands, edit scheduled tasks and so on does NOT have buttons any more. I simply see the list of tasks and can double click it. I cannot even delete certain tasks!

I downgraded to 6.40 and the scheduler was fine. After a while (I don't know the exact circumstances), the scheduler buttons are missing AGAIN!

The configuration was set to use ProgDVB window instead of the service. Dunno if that's important.

What is going wrong here? Was that problem explicitly resolved in 6.43?

Versions are mentioned above. Language file? No idea. Application is set to german.
TV-Card is Hauppauge HVR-3000
WindowsXP SP3

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

After a bit of fiddling, I noticed that setting the "duration" to 12 in the hr field and AM that this would effectively mean 0 hours. So if for example you set "duration" to "12:30:00 AM", that would mean 30 mins recording. I think that it is very strange to have the AM/PM field in the duration as this would indicate an end of recording TIME rather than a duration. I believe the duration should simply be set by an hour, minute and second field, with no AM/PM part and the ability to set 00 for the hour. Do you agree?

Thanks for your effort.