ProgDVB Scheduler


Can you add more options to the scheduler, please? Like schedule task options to choose daily, weekly... etc.
I have a program that I record everyday and sometimes I miss it, so I want to schedule a daily task for recording it.


i'm a fan of progdvb is my preferite tv player!

I've only a problem...
in settings/audio video we can select the filter grafic for normal channel (mpeg2) and other.
I've installed nvidia purevideo and a modified filter graphic. Now it works great, but, if i select 16:9 letterbox to adapt the video size to my 16:9 lcd, i've a fluidity and pixelate problem on hd channel.

is not possible to separate normal channel from mpeg2 hd channel in settings/audio video?

i hope that my english is comprensible...

thanks a lot! regards!

the progdvb
need more option to select the scan to all Channel or no
i need tv channel only without (tv scrambled -radio-data channel scremble or no)
the scan found tv channel only FTA or scremble

progdvb need option to scan all stalite ex.
hotbird Diseq A
aster Diseq B
eutelsat Diseq C
need scan all stalite ex.
when end scan hotbird automatic scan aster when end scan eutelsat

Why this?

One aspect to think about:
More than just a couple of people use positioners.
Would you want them, to scan the whole sky at a time?
Including repositioning time on each angle step?
How long is that supposed to need?
Go to or, to get an impression, how many satellites and transponders may be accessed from one location.
Scanning each and everything might need days...

Well, to make it need days, why not even combine with a full search for new satellite positions, new transponders, any FEC, any data rate? To not miss any new feeds?
Merry christmas, meanwhile...

Yep, that's sarcasm, not meant to insult you, personally.
Do you remember old MD 8.x?
Yes, I've scanned with it more than once. "Just" eight symbol rates at a time.
And my hair greyed out along with that...

Same with old Technotrend original application (around 2.0x), even when just scanning one symbol rate at a time.

Another aspect:
We're talking about database functions. How many channel lists resp. channel entries do you want to keep in RAM, until you have decided on every new lost, to delete or not?

So in my opinion, we should keep it as it is, scan one position at a time.
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A little option to hide ProgDVB in Task bar - show only in Tray.

Very useful vor TV Window Mode users - Choose Channels in TV Window mode with right mouse click on window from a menu channel list...

At first: really great program and much more better than the standard-software from hauppauge. :D

Now to my feature-requests:
1. A record-button on "timeshift-bar" would by very nice.

2. record-funktion in EPG needs an option to configure an overlap. e.g. If I define an overlap from 10min and record a show from epg that start at 8:00 and ends at 8:30 - the recording times should be 7:50 and 8:40.

3. An EPG-Record-Mode would be very nice.
e.g. I start recording in EPG-Mode on a TV or radio-channel which sends EPG-Data - so the recorded file should by split by EPG-Data. so that I have every show or movie in seperate files.
On overlap like in #2 would also be very nice.

4. Is it possible to show OSD on all renderers?

5. More options to sort and filter channel list (by language, by type e.g. tv or radio)

6. change aspect ratio by shortcuts

7. An option to use installed Codecs (DivX, XviD, mp3, WMA, WMV, ...) for recording would by very nice. MPEG2 and MPA should by the standard but users need the option to change.

8. Display pictures instead a black-screen while:
a. playing a radio-channel
b. if there is no signal
c. if you watch undecoded paytv
--> Maybe an visualisation-plugin like in Winamp would be very nice. :)

Hope that you will implement my ideas one of the next versions. 8)



I would like to have a 'Greenbutton' which should work like the Greenbutton.dll.

Greenbutton.dll doesn't work in Progdvb 5.

WatchTVPro has this Greenbutton included.

The Greenbutton reads out the multifeed channels of the Tv Channel.
And you can switch directly to the 'subchannels'.
Example: Premiere Direkt

This would be a very nice feature!



It would be wonderful if you add some controls to the full view that appear when you click on the video. Like many players, DivX player for instance, so we can decrease the volume, pause... etc.


- Fix problems with Diseq on BDA drivers cards
- Add full support for TechnoTrend Connect S2-2400/3600
- Add support for DVB-S2
- Add PIP function



1. ProgDVB full support 3200/S2 in all last versions.
2. Open source bad idea in any case.

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