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Prog wrote:what you mean "Unfortunately I cant remember that sorting effect on which one of them" ?
I mean "I forget that whitch one of my DVB cards (TBS8920 or SS HD2) is going faster in scan process by sorting TPs".
Excuse me for bad English.

Re: Feature Requests

I mean main Satellite List from More than one position and TV sources

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1830=NSS 9

3592=Thor 5,6, Intelsat 10-02
adjacent satellites
0030=Eutelsat 3A,3C, Rascom QAF 1R

0192=Astra 1KR,1L,1M,>>1N<<,2C

0282=Eutelsat 28A, Astra //1N//,2A,//2B//,>>2E<<,2F

1800=Intelsat 18

same on list from finder

Re: Feature Requests

Prog wrote:"- hardware accelerated video decoding (DXVA) is currently not supported"
I think this renderer too bad.

ps: In near week I am update renderer of ProgDVB for more new functions.
I bought DVB-C card and started using ProgDVB. Downscaling is extremely is ugly, aliased with all renderers. Which is particularly bad because I like to keep a small TV window around while doing something else.

These days it supports everything that EVR does and then some. Including proper downscaling.

Here's how it looks with all renderers at present:

Re: Feature Requests

Prog wrote:For example EVR is total standart windows render and quality not depended from ProgDVB. If you have bad quality in EVR, then have bad quality in 70% of software and that is driver problem.
Hence the feature request. :)

(Actually I can't think of anything that uses EVR at present. With my media player I already use madVR, flash doesn't use as far as I know. Neither does the browser's HTML5 player)

Improvement Requests

will media keys play/pause be supported?

hide C band From base in Manual Search if source LNB is universal?

same for modulation: if source is sat, display only such modulations(not cable QAM)

refresh common SR: like

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19200, 15000, 14400, 14240, 14000, 13333, 13235, 13000, 10000, 9874, 7500, 7200, 7120, 7000, 6111, 4937, 4433, 3333 
in current order first all W sats should be displayed(in all lists) with default selection in center of list

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  3°  E
because now it is not possible to jump/scroll with wheel from end of list to beginning