yeah everything work now great TechoTrend S2-3600 USB2.0 on BDA driver work good and Diseq changeing from HB <-> Astra without any problem but I have to click twice :) on channel

DVB-C search method...

As already mentioned in the wrong topic viewtopic.php?t=24&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=60 (thanks for the advice SiLencer) it would be great if someone can implement a “low-level” “transponder-list free” channel-search method for DVB-C users. I know, a lot of you (e.g. SiLencer) think that’s not possible, but after searching the Internet, and checking the working method of the original TT application a bit deeper, there must be a possibility for that. If the original poor TT software can do this, ProgDVB must also have the chance for that.

I don’t understand the deeper technical functionality of DVB, but what I can say surely, like their analogue counterparts, the TT channel search process starts from 1 MHz and ends by 862 MHz. During this, it tests every MHz step with 16-QAM, 32-QAM, 64-QAM, 128-QAM and 256-QAM. This takes a lot of time, up to 30min.

But the result is great, after this "full scan" every DVB channel is listed, even also a few "unofficial"...
TT Budget C-1500 incl. TT Budget CI with driver Version 2.19h (28.11.2006), Win ME & Win Vista 64bit


A shortcut for changing the aspect ratio would be really nice :D

If I want to change the aspect ratio I have to go to the direct show option menu and change the letter box mode option. that's not really handy!


A shortcut for changing the audio channel. In a previous version it was just implemented. Why did you eliminate it?


- a way to show the subtitle live in progdvb with channels deal with a certain Pid to use sub ... Like TV Max on Badr sat

- more flexibility with HDTV channel (( i think if i have got the most modern hardware the app. still too heavy (( a great predator for cpu and memory )) opposite of other stupid DVB app.

good luck

Pinnacle Showcenter 200


I have a pinnacle showcenter connected to my pc via a router
On my pc i have a skystar2 and pinnacle pctv sat pro cards
Progdvb works great with both cards
Is there anyway Progdvb can be accessed from my Showcenter to view the stream on my tv

is there anyway Progdvb can be accessed from my Showcenter to view the stream on my tv
Only progdvb itself or e.g VLC (video lan client) can be media client for the Media Server Modul in progdvb...

Philou5 wrote: 1) A shortcut for changing the aspect ratio would be really nice :D


2) A shortcut for changing the audio channel.
3-Add [event name] option to the recorded file name settings.

Sort option in properties

In ProgDVB4, I can set my list Group by: none and Sort by: number and that gives me all channels by number for my 2 LNBs.

In ProgDVB5, the Sort by number doesn't give the same results;
the channels are not by ascending number. I have to revert to Sort by caption but it's not as useful.

Is it me ?

Z :?

Re: ProgDVB Scheduler

m02a wrote:Hi,

Can you add more options to the scheduler, please? Like schedule task options to choose daily, weekly... etc.
I have a program that I record everyday and sometimes I miss it, so I want to schedule a daily task for recording it.

I've added that request 8 months ago and nobody seems to consider it. No one even answered to say if it's a good or even a crazy idea, no one said if it's going to be looked into.

I think it's really important to add this feature to ProgDVB. It's better than scheduling the same program for recording everyday, that's for sure.



I know that ProgDVD can be installed silently by "/S" Nullsoft switch.

BUT: it does install MPEG2 codecs as this is standard selection if u install ProgDVD fully attended.

Is there the possibility to add an installation switch which does NOT install the MPEG2 codecs? Or does already a method exist to not install these?

Hope for your answers...

Thanks a lot

PS. I do not want these codecs to be installed because they are a) only shareware and b) i have my own mpeg2 codecs already installed but they get messed up if elecard codecs install.