progdvb need to solutions

when i give a task to record work good but at 1.00 am & later the scheduler did not work... why? any way I will never sleep unless to finish recoding LOL
the first problem that when you crashed some how ..the task did not start normally unless you make the prog start normally or with the last good configurations ... it is bad
make it start normally with this message then you can alert the user with the crashed close of program so it return to the normal start. or give him to start with the last configuration with the same option " don't show this message again" but let it record in task case... many times I open the PC & go a way then when I return I found no recording because the Progdvb still show me this ugly message.

the bigger problem it was with Windows 8 Consumer Version
bad bad view blur show like the Old TV.s... I exchanged between the filters & codecs .. no one give me the same great show like Windows 7 do.
can you help me in this point? is there any codec or ..... to make great view on Windows 8 .
thank you all