Anysee-E30C Plus supported?

I tested Anysee-E30C Plus with progDVB but didn't got it to work. Im running it with a valid card for Swedish cableoperator Comhem. It list all the channels but they are all scrambled. Some radiostations is working though.

Am I doing something wrong or doesn't progDVB support the Anysee-E30C Plus?

Would be great to get this working since Anysees own viewer sucks.

Thats sounds bad. Just discovered one more thing. All channels are marked with a red V but one of them is watchable even if it's red too.
It's Comhems own info channel. When i looked at the channelproperties for that one I saw that there was no settings for ECM and EMM there.

But all the others that don't work have ECM and EMM numbers listed.

Progdvb seems though to work with my Anysee device since I can watch the info channel. But how to get it to work with channels that's not free?

I'm paying for those channels and shouldn't I be able to watch them with my valid Comhem card? Why doesn't the card unlock the channels?

But how to get it to work with channels that's not free?
With a card that has a CI (and progdvb supports the CI of this card ...with most budget cards this don´t work) ...and you need a CA Module ...where you can insert you subscription card ...

Well, i can insert my card directly in this device and it has a built in software CA. Look at this link. Page is in swedish but as you can see in the bannerpic on top of the page the card is inserted in the black EC30 C Plus.

I also looked at the Anysee viewer software installation folder installed on my comp and compared it with progdvb. Pretty much look alike in the two programs.

My Anysee E30 C Plus findings (usb cable tuner).

WinXP 32bit, anysee-E30Series(Ver1.2.6.2) beta driver and software, ProgDVB5.14.8Std ... 2.6.2).zip

I chosed {BDA}Anysee BDA.device -driver from the device list.

ProgDVB is unable to find any channels first, but here is a clumsy workaround.
* Start ProgDVB5.x, but is unable to find signal/channels
* Start AnyseeViewer
* ProgDVB5 magically finds a signal and channels
* Close AnyseeViewer and ProgDVB5 works fine during this session

Next time you run an app, you must start-stop AViewer again. Its somehow device is not opened/tuned properly. Any idea what happens?

[ WinXP-sp3, AMD64 Athlon, ProgDVB5.15.07, BDA anysee BDA digital tuner(DVB-C) -device, anysee BDA Capture device (2008.03.12) -windows driver ]
I downloaded v5.15.07 release and same issue, I must use a "wake-up kickstart" to enable Anysee USB 30C cable tuner.

But instead of using Anysee viewer I found a small delphi program to do same. This site has a full sources to the example program.


This has a device list and settings tabsheet to list "[]BDA Tunerequests , [] BDA Interfaces" options. Default tunerequests does not work, but choosing BDA Interfaces options does a trick.
* run ProgDVB client, its unable to find a signal. Leave it running
* run DC-DVBSCAN.exe
* open settings tabseet, select [x]BDA Interfaces options
* go to scan page, start scan
* ProgDVB receives a signal and channel is shown
* stop scan and close dc-dvbscan.exe application

So my environment has it that tuner is not opened until a BDAInterfaces mode is enabled.

Anyone know whats the differene between tunerequests and bdainterfaces modes?

Problem is starting ProgDVB it does not find a tuner signal. First bar in a status bar is 100% but second one is 0%.

To fix this is must make a "kickstart" using an external DC-DVBScan utility. It's Delphi app with full sources. I just do what posted in a previous post, change settings to [x]BDA Interface and then scan for channels. I do this in dvbscan.exe utility.

It opens the Anysee tuner and ProgDVB running in a background magically graps it for use.

This does not happen every machine, but some has this weird situation. Same happens with DVBViewer client. Maybe its something to do with AMD64 hardware, WinXP-sp3. I have several times done a full reinstallation of everything but no luck.

Tunerequests and BDA Interface modes when scanning for channels is something I'm not familiar with.